Tournaments: A Thousand Years of Chivalry

Tournaments: A Thousand Years of Chivalry

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This volume contains fifteen essays on the history of tournaments, based on new research by leading international experts. It is the first-ever book to examine the development both of medieval chivalry and jousting, as well as the less well-known half-millennium of the sport's evolution, from the Renaissance to the early twenty-first century.

The essays in this book explore subjects such as the earliest documented written rules for the joust, how tournaments evolved from military training to courtly festivities during the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Baroque quintains and horse ballets, Romantic tournaments organized in the nineteenth and twentieth century, and the modern revival of jousting as a sport.

The essays offer a new look at key moments in the history of European chivalry. Some explore aspects of jousting that have not been studied before such as tourneys in Renaissance France and Hungary, and the impact of tournaments on the equestrian culture in the southern states of the US during the nineteenth century.

  • Hardback Cover
  • 280 Pages
  • Edited by Stefan Krause, the Ronald S. Lauder Director of the Imperial Armoury, Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.
  • Over One Hundred Full Colour Images
  • Published by Thomas Del Mar
  • ISBN:9783990202258