Armour of the English Knight 1450-1500 - by Tobias Capwell

Armour of the English Knight 1450-1500 - by Tobias Capwell

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The eagerly awaited second book in Dr Tobias Capwell's Armour of the English Knight book series has finally arrived with us at the Wallace Collection. In the groundbreaking new work, Dr Tobias Capwell discects the key moments in Arms and Armour technology during the second half of the 15th Century.

This book continues the story begun in Armour of the English Knight 1400-1450, presenting a comprehensive exploration of the armour worn during one of the most famous but also msot enigmatic periods in English History.

This, the second of three books in this series, delves deeply into a period when English armour became much more elaborate, with different styles proliferating under increasing continental influence. For the first time, many unknown or rarely published pieces of armour, and a wealth of sculptural, pictorial and documentary sources, have been assembled and interpreted to reconstruct the defensive equipment of this violent age of dynastic conflict.

  • Written By Dr Tobias Capwell
  • Hardback Edition Only
  • ISBN:9780993324635