Sex With Kings
Sex With Kings
Sex With Kings
Sex With Kings

Sex With Kings

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Sex with Kings: Five Hundred Years  of Adultery, Power, Rivalry and Revenge

"An enlightening social history that is great fun to read." The New York Times Book Review

She was the royal mistress. She was ready to converse gaily with the king when she was tired, make love all hours when she was ill, and cater to his every whim. She was never to be exhausted, omplaining, or grief-stricken. Hundreds would vie to unseat her or push her towards a tragic end. But she often had the last laugh, living well and richly off the fruits of her "sins."

Eleanor Hermann's Sex wit Kings takes us into the throne rooms and the bedrooms of Europe's most powerful monarchs and the women who loved them - from Madame de Pompadour, the famous mistress of Louis XV, who kept her position for nineteen years despite her frigidity, to modern day Camills Parker-Bowles, who usurped the beloved and glamourous Diana, Princess of Wales.

Based on impeccable research from diaries, personal letters, and diplomatic dispatches, and alive with flamboyant characters, outrageous humour, and stirring poignancy, Sex with Kings "will please readers who like their history liberally spiked with glamour and gossip." (Boston Globe)

  • Written by Eleanor Herman
  • 320 Pages
  • Paperback
  • Dimensions: 20.35 x 13.51 x 2.08 cm
  • ISBN: 0060585447